Volunteer Staff Information

Volunteer Staff Information


The following is the process for all staff members to follow:

Send a request to serve on Camp Staff to the dean of the week.

  • Include your name, list of all camp sessions you would like to attend, best contact phone number, and email address.

Please choose the week you would like the opportunity to serve. You can find this list on the events page. E-mail the dean directly with your request. You can click on the deans name to do this. Please remember that the dean reserves the right to accept or deny any request to serve during his week of camp. All students under 18 wanting to serve at camp will have a form they can fill out when they are at camp! If you are not at your week of camp you will NOT be able to serve.

Camp Faculty Policies Amended: January 18, 2008

This camp board, to ensure consistency in our process of choosing camp faculty, has established the below guidelines. These guidelines were instituted to eliminate any confusion as to who can help, as well as, convey the importance of the job of the camp faculty. If you should have any questions at all about these guidelines please ask a board member or a camp dean.

As a member of the faculty at Happy Hills, you possess one of the greatest opportunities to impact a child’s life. The opportunity we have to display the love of Jesus Christ is a responsibility that must not be taken lightly. Every moment we are at camp is a teachable moment for campers of all ages. With this in mind, we want to make sure that the faculty at Happy Hills understands what is expected of them in terms of attitude and behavior.


  1. All faculty members of Happy Hills must fill out the Faculty Application provided. These applications will remain on file with the camp president.
  2. In addition to the Faculty Application, you must:
    1. Be an immersed (completely covered in water) believer in Christ and active in their church. (Immersion pertains to adults only.)
    2. If the applicant is of camp age they must attend their week of camp and must have attended their week of camp in the last two (2) years.
    3. Have a written recommendation from their Minister (as long as he is the not the dean for that week) or an Elder if he is.
    4. The application must be submitted to the dean of the week that you wish to work.
  3. Faculty applicants for any week of camp must meet the following guildelines
Camp WeekMinimum Requirement
K – 1st5th Grade
2nd & 3rd Grade7th Grade
4th & 5th Grade9th Grade
Junior High Camp – 6th – 8th Grade18 years old
Senior High Camp – 9th -12th Grade21 years old

 The camp dean of any week has the responsibility to choose his or her faculty members for that week. The camp dean has the authority to accept or deny any applicant for his or her faculty. However, the camp board of directors has the right to voice its denial of any or all chosen faculty members. And in protection of the camp and its campers, can and shall override the dean’s request with a majority board vote.

  1. During each week of camp there is only one (1) camp dean who is responsible for the week of camp with the authority of the camp board.  All other faculty members are there to assist in accomplishing a successful, godly and orderly week of camp.
  2. The camp dean of each week of camp will conduct a series of special meetings to prepare for camp. The faculty’s presence at these meetings is mandatory. These meetings are used to discuss the camp theme and the job of each person on the camp team for that week. There is a minimum of three (3) hours of training that each faculty member must attend in order to serve. The dean must have the following:
    1. List of what training meetings are about and who attended them.
    2. A complete list of dean’s faculty four (4) weeks prior to camp season, which will be set by Happy Hills Board of Directors.
  3. While at camp, faculty members shall participate in all camp activities. If there is need for an exception, it must be cleared by the camp dean before the week of camp.
  4. Faculty members shall hold to the following guidelines when dealing with campers at camp:
    • Live your life in a Christ-like manner. Campers of all ages, as well as other faculty members, are watching you. They need to see what it is like to live the Christian life. These campers look up to you so you must be willing to take the responsibility seriously.
    • One of your primary jobs as a faculty member is to interact with the campers. Spend as much time with them as possible.
    • There must be a minimum of two faculty members in each dorm as the campers prepare for bed and once the lights have been turned out.
    • Once lights are out, all faculty members are to remain in the dorms.
    • Do not counsel campers in any private location.
    • If you are confronted with an issue that demands some sort of contact with authorities (i.e. abuse or neglect of some sort), immediately contact the camp dean. Do not contact authorities or parents on your own.
    • Remember that campers at camp are in a very impressionable state of mind. Guide campers to trust God in their daily lives. Point them to scriptural examples of godly people. Encourage them to seek out counsel from their parents (if applicable) or from their minister.
    • Please note that any inappropriate contact or conversation between faculty members and campers must be reported to the camp dean immediately. Steps will be taken to correct the situation at that time.
  5. The camp gate will be closed and locked at all times. Only authorized personnel or parents will be allowed on the campus. No non-campers will be allowed to stop by for a visit.
  6. Written authorization is required to take campers off of the Happy Hills Campus.
  7. The car keys of all campers who drive to camp will be placed in a safe lock box until the end of the camp week. Any special circumstances must go to the dean.

The greatest asset that you have at camp is your attitude. Make sure that as the week goes on you display a positive attitude toward the camp, other faculty members and the campers. Be uplifting and encouraging to everyone. Pray daily for God to use you in the ministry of Happy Hills. The opportunity to change lives is an awesome one! Do all that you can to allow God to change lives at Happy Hills.

The Board of Directors,
Happy Hills Christian Service Camp